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From: David Lundquist
Subject: Fun with my younger cousinFun with my younger cousinBy David LundquistThis story contains descriptions of sexual acts between two boys. If this
is not to your tastes, or is illegal wherever you live, please leave now,
unless you wish to be educated and/or have an open mind.No animals were mistreated in the writing of this story, no rain forests
devastated nor any harm done to the biosphere. In particular, no boy was
hurt in any way.This story is pure Russian Lolita and total fiction - designed to be read with one hand -
it's for entertainment purposes only! Any resemblance to any individual,
alive, dead or yet to be born, is purely coincidental ... so there!This story tells you nothing about me or my tastes: except whether or not I
can write an arousing story! Like writers of murder stories, I do not
necessarily approve of any of the acts described here!(Thanks John Stevens for the introduction words, I love them!)You can send comments to davidi50hotmail.com-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Peter, my cousin from Tromso, was visiting us together with uncle and
auntie. They should be a couple of days in Oslo, and stayed with us to save
money. Uncle and auntie slept in the guestroom in the basement, but Peter
should stay with me in my room. I had a big bed from granddad, and there
was lots of room for both Peter and me in it.I had just had my 15th birthday, and Peter was only 13, but we were good
friends, and I did not mind at all having him in my room for a couple of
days. I was secretly looking forward to it: Last year when I visited him in
Tromso I taught him to masturbate. Even though I got hot looking at girls
and stuff, I had to admit that I got very horny by being naked and wanking
off together with him. So when dad told me that had to share my bed with
Peter for a couple of nights, I got warm all over thinking of what may
happen. Course I could not be sure if Peter did think the same way, but I
did hope so!The first night went very slowly, and it took ages before we could say
goodnight to our parents and go up to my room.I was a bit shy at first, and Peter had it the same way. We did not say
much when making the bed, but each time he looked at me he blushed. At Russian Lolita last
the bed was ready for the night and we started undressing. We were slow at
it, but soon we both had only our briefs on. We hurried out to the bathroom
and did the teeth brushing and washing. I looked Peter over when I thought
he did not see it. He had changed a lot from last year, much more a
teenager in his body. He was longer and stronger. But he was still a boy
with soft muscles and without any body hair (as I could see). He sneaked
looks at me too, and probably thought that I had got real grown up, with my
(precious) hairs on my chest and my (relatively) big lump in the front of
my briefs.Soon we were under our comforters. The talking was a bit slow, and I think
we both thought about the same, but nobody dared take the initiative. After
a few quit minutes, I at last took the chance:"Have you got any hairs down there yet?" At the thought of his hard dick
that stood up from his completely hairless groin last year, I could feel my
dick going hard in my briefs."Mmm", Peter nodded his head, but did not say anything."Can I look?" I asked.Peter blushed but nodded yes again. He showed the comforter to the side,
and I could see that he was horny; his briefs were tented up in
front. Slowly he pulled Russian Lolita down the hem of his briefs down to the root of his
dick, and I could see a few dark curly hairs there."Take your briefs off all the way, so I can watch you properly!" I
whispered to him."If you take off your briefs too!" He was quick with his answer."Ok". I did not mind, and pulled down my briefs at the same time as he
kicked off his. Naked we lied beside each other, both with hard dicks. He
had grown a lot bigger down there, and while we watched it, his foreskin
slowly slipped back from a big red head. He was really horny by now!"Shall we beat off together?" Russian Lolita
I did not wait for his answer, but started to
caress my hard dick careful.He blushed even more, but took hold of his dick and started a hard and fast
wank. I speeded up my wank, and soon we sat beside each other Russian Lolita beating off
hard and fast. At first Peter looked at me and my dick, but after a few
minutes he closed his eyes and started moaning. Suddenly his body
shuddered, and at the same time giving away a small yelp, his dick
convulsed and a few gray drops spurted out of it. He could sperm up
already! Wow!He dried himself with his briefs and then asked if he could do me. I got a
bit taken back, nobody else had ever masturbated me, not even touched me
there, but I said yes before thinking. I leant back in the bed, and Peter
took hold of my now very hard dick. It was different but very exciting to
feel his hard hand round my dick. He started a fast wank, and so hot I was
by now, it took only a few minutes before the wonderful feeling flowed out
in my body from my dick, and a very strong orgasm shook through my body. My
cum splattered out of my dick and made a big pool on my stomach.I showed his hand off my dick and cleaned myself up with the towel I had
under my bed for this purpose. Just then we could hear my parents coming up
the stairs, and we hurried pulled on our briefs and crept under the
comforters before they opened the door to say goodnight.Afterwards we lied quiet for a while, before Peter asked me if I ever did
anything like this with my friends. I was rather innocent at that time, and
had to admit that the only things I did with my two friends, was to
masturbate our own dicks while looking at the other. We did not dare to
masturbate each other, even though we had heard other boys talking about
it. I think we were afraid of becoming queers. Peter told me that he
masturbated together with several of his friends where he lived, and that
they masturbated each other, "cause it was so good!"I had heard that there was a lot boys could do together, and I asked Peter
if they did anything else too. Peter waited a few seconds, before
whispering yes to me."What do you do?" I wanted to know. Now I was hard again."Wait, I will show you." Peter whispered backI could feel Peter taking the comforter off me, it was dark now and I could
not see anything. Then I felt him pulling on my briefs, I lifted my bum a
bit, and he pulled it off me. With a hammering heart and hard dick I waited
for what would happen. I could just make him out beside me, and I could
more feel than see that he bent over my midriff. He took hold of my dick,
and then I felt something wet and warm surrounding the head of my dick. He
had taken my dick in his mouth! He sucked on my dick!! And it was so
fantastic good!! He bent more over me, and I could feel my dick gliding
all the way into his mouth, while he at the same time let his tongue glide
round the head of the dick. Then I could feel my dick gliding halfway out
of his mouth before it glided all the way inside him again, while he at the
same time sucked hard on me. Russian Lolita
Shit! This was so good!! And after just a
couple of minutes, the good feelings started to build up in my dick before
they erupted and flowed out in my body while I was shaking all over. And I
cum in his mouth and he swallowed it all! Mama Mia!Peter let go of my dick and lied down beside me."Was it good?" he wanted to know. What a silly question!When he told me that I had to suck him now, I did not hesitate, but rose up
in the bed and pulled his briefs off him. He was hard as a rock, and having
learned what to do, I pulled down his foreskin and let him glide into my
mouth. For the first time ever I had a dick in my mouth. And it was not
bad at all. It did not taste anything, and it was hard and soft at the same
time. I liked the feeling of his big bulbous dick head in my mouth, and I
started sucking on it while massaging it with my tongue. After a very short
time Peter drew in his breath very hard and pushed my head down on him. His
dick convulsed, and I could taste some salty blob on my tongue before he
pushed my face away.We lied beside for a while after our sucking, talking and caressing each
other. But at last we agreed to sleep. We Russian Lolita put on our briefs again and went
to sleep, promising each other more fun tomorrow! But before I went to
sleep, I wanted to know where he had learned all this sex things. And Peter
told me:Last year just after Peter's 13th birthday he went on a trip with his scout
group. Because of not enough bunks for the whole group, Peter had to sleep
in the scout leader's bunk together with him, a nice 16-year-old boy. At
night when everybody else was sound asleep, the scout leader had undressed
Peter. First he masturbated Peter and then sucked him till he cum in the
leader's mouth. It had been so nice that Peter agreed to do the same to the
leaders. And he had a big dick."Even bigger than yours, like a grownup with lots of hairs. And he filled
my mouth with his seed when he cum, that was not that nice." Peter
whispered."Did you do anything more?" I asked Peter.He hesitated, but then whispered: "He fucked me in my ass."I did not understand what Peter meant by that, and asked him to explain,
but at first Peter did not want to tell me, it was like he was really
ashamed. But after some pesterering, I got him to tell me: The scout leader
had Russian Lolita coated his hard dick with Vaseline, and then fucked Peter's ass with
it. I wanted how he did it, but now Peter had decided not to tell anymore
and wanted to go to sleep. We did not talk more about this, and soon Russian Lolita I
could hear on Peter's deep breaths that he was asleep.But I could not sleep. I thought over what Peter had told me; fucked in the
ass? But how? Just between the buns, or... inside your hole there? I knew
that it was possible to stick something inside you there; my mother had
given me enemas more than once. But the enema nozzle was thin, lot thinner
than a dick. Was I possible to stick a dick inside you there?I was very hard by now, and I could not let be thinking about it. After an
hour or so, I was still very much horny, and I asked Peter if he were
asleep. He did not answer, and now I could not hold myself back anymore. I
lifted up his comforter very slowly, and crept under it together with
him. He lied on his side, with his behind against me, and I crept close to
him. Very careful I pressed my hard dick against his behind, and if he were
awake now, he had to feel that I was hard! I whispered his name, but he did
not answer. I pressed my dick against his behind again, and now I could
feel that he pressed very lightly back against me. Was he awake after all?
If so, did he want to ... to do it? My mouth got dry with excitement, and I
pulled down my briefs, before I once more pressed my dick against his bum,
this time harder. Now he had to feel how hard I was. But he did not say
anything, just went on with his deep breathing. Maybe he was dreaming? But
now I wanted to feel his naked bum against my dick, and I took hold of his
briefs and pulled carefully downwards. Peter lifted his behind just a bit
from the bed at the same time, and his briefs glided down on his legs. He
had to be awake, but made as he was asleep! This must mean that he wanted
me to do it!I pressed myself against him again, and I could feel my dick between his
buns. I pressed harder, and he pressed against me. But he was so dry there,
and it was not as good as I wanted. Quickly I went out of the bed and got
the bottle with hand lotion I had standing on my table. I did as Peter had
told me the scout leader had done, applied a lot of lotion on my dick and
pulled the foreskin up and down a couple of times. Now my whole dick was
slippery and wet.I crept back under our comforter. Peter had not mowed. I took hold of my
dick, and poked and pressed it up and down between his buns. I could feel
how everything got slippery down there. I started Russian Lolita pushing my dick in
between his buns, and he pressed back on me! Oh boy, this was hot! I moved
my hand over to his groin, and found his dick standing hard up against his
stomach. I started caressing his dick while pushing more with my dick in
between his buns. This was very nice, but was it what he had meant when he
told me that the leader had fucked him in his ass? I found out that this
was no so when Peter took hold of my dick and kind of pointed it a bit
higher up between his buns while he pushed back on me. I pushed myself, and
now it got very tight and warm around my dick. Suddenly something gave way
in there, and I could feel my dick starting to glide into something very
hot and tight. I pressed on, and my dick slipped slowly inside Peter's
ass. Soon it was all the way inside him, and my balls pressed against his
buns. I pulled out a bit, before pushing the dick all the way inside him
again. Now I understood Russian Lolita it, I was fucking!!I pulled almost all the way out and back in again, and again and again.
Harder and faster I pushed my hard dick as deep inside him as I could,
while at the same time wanking his dick wildly. Peter met my trusts with
his behind, and his dick got harder and harder. After just a minute or so Russian Lolita
completely exploded. White lightenings flashed under my tightly shut
eyelids, while my dick convulsed and shot wad after wad deep inside his
rectum.Very soon my dickhead became to sensitive, and I had to pull out of him.
Shaking all over I slowly glided over on my back. Almost through a fog I
could hear Peter whispering:"Do you have some oil or cream?""Mmm. On my nightstand." I just was able to get out of my dry mouth.Peter reached for the hand lotion, and applied some of it to his dick."Stand on your knees." He whispered to me.I rose up on my knees with my behind up and out in the air. Peter went on
his knees behind me, and then I could feel something hard and warm between
my buns. I felt the hard thing pressing Russian Lolita in against my rectum, and suddenly
I could feel his hard dick moving inside me. He was not big, and he glided
in me without any resistance. The feeling was strange, almost like doing a
shit, only the wrong way. It did not hurt at all, but was nice in a funny
way. And suddenly his dick touched something inside me, and warm feelings
spread out in my body. My dick got hard again at once.While Peter Russian Lolita went on fucking me, he masturbated my dick hard. He went on
harder and faster, and I could hear his ball sack slapping against my buns
on each "in stroke". After a few minutes he suddenly started to shake all
over, and with a few hard thrusts he emptied himself inside me. At the same
time I erupted in Peter's hand, spurting my cum for the third time this
evening. Wow!Peter slipped out of me and lied down on the bed. We were both tired now,
and without caring about the briefs, we went fast to sleep.I woke up in the middle of the night, dreaming that I fucked one of the
girls in my class. Half awake I could feel something warm and alive around
my dick, which were hard again. And when I opened my eyes, I could see
Peter in the soft half-light standing on his knees over me with my dick
buried in his mouth. When he saw that I was awake, he smiled to me and rose
up. I started to rise too, but he hushed me and told me to lie on my
back. I did as he told me, my dick standing hard up against my stomach. He
bent over me and sucked me a bit again, before coming over me sitting on my
groin. He lifted himself up a bit and took hold of my very hard and wet
dick. Very Russian Lolita careful he sat down on me again, while positioning my dick
between his buns. He pressed down on me, and I could feel my dick slipping
inside him again. When I was half way inside him, he took away his hand and
sat heavy down on me, and my dick glided all the way up inside him. It was
incredible warm, tight and nice.He started to rise a bit so my dick glided partly out of him, and then
sitting down on me again. I could feel my dick pressing past some bumpy
things inside him, and the felling was so strong. Faster and faster he rode
me with my dick gliding out and pressing in again. He took hold of his red
and shiny dick, and masturbated himself while fucking me. Very soon he
shuddered in a strong orgasm, and a few gray drops splattered down on my
chest.Not stopping fucking me, he then bent down on me and started to kiss me
hard on my mouth. I opened my mouth, and at the same moment I could feel
his tongue pressing inside my mouth, I cum Russian Lolita again deep inside him. While my
dick emptied itself inside him for the second time, we kissed hard, both
our tongues searching out the others mouth.Wow! Wow!After a while he glided off me and lied down beside me."You like it? Yes??" He asked me with a smile in his eyes."Yes! Yes!" I whispered in his ear."Good! I shall stay here still three more nights! We are going to have fun!
And we can try some toys I've brought with me!"And this is how we spent the long weekend. Being nice boys during day,
playing and having fun, and very very naughty boys at night, fucking two or
three times every night, and playing with Peter's toys. It all made me so
horny that I was hard most of the time, day and night. Dad noticed the
bulge in my pants one evening, and smiled to me while I was blushing
hard. Did he only know! (Or did he?).
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